Old Pattengill Closes Forever

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It was in the Pattengill auditorium that Jim Dunn first asked out his future wife.

"After the 9th grade dance in this gym, which we decorated, I asked if she'd go steady with me," he says.

Now going on 50 years of marriage, Dunn and his wife were among the hundreds who showed up Wunday to say goodbye to Pattengill Middle School.

Everyone had a story to tell, from school plays in 1938 to dance lessons to home ec and shop classes. Pattengill first opened in 1920, but Sunday was the last time the public could enter the old school before it gets torn down.

"It'd be nice to have it around a while, but I know they have to make progress," says 1938 alum Frank Goodell.

"Everyone is sad to see it go because we've spent so much time here. But we're excited, too, and we want to go with the students to the new facility!" says former Pattengill principal Candy Whitmore.

Pattengill alums wrote down their special school memories and put them in a replica of the old building. That replica will become a time capsule on display at the new school. Even Henry Pattengill's great-grandchildren showed up to celebrate the school.

"It's been almost 100 years since the school opened, and he's still revered and honored," says his great-grandson Craig Sparks. "I find it very pleasing."