Unhealthy Fashion Trend?

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It's a purse lovers dream come true at the Macy's in Meridian Mall, with a selection so vast a woman could spend hours drooling over the latest trends in bags. Bags that include everything from bright colors to detailed straps, but one thing's for sure, it's all big.

However, according to chiropractor Dr. Denise Rassel, carrying a large, heavy handbag on your shoulder can create problems. "What happens is the woman has to raise her shoulder up to keep the purse on and what happens is it tightens up the musculature. And it actually translates the head over and the shoulder up."

Dr. Rassel recommends carrying an over-sized bag by your side and not overstuffing it. She also advises weighing it to make sure it's no more than ten percent of your body weight.