Green Onions

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Health officials report green onions are the likely of a Hepatitis A outbreak in Pennsylvania. After eating green onions at a Chi Chi’s restaurant, 575 people got sick and three died.

"Improperly handling food can cause many illnesses including Hep. A,” says TJ Bucholz, Dept. of Community Health.

MI state health officials report there are no cases of Hep. A linked to green onions in Michigan, but they're working with another state department to not only track the cases, but ensure people are practicing proper food handling so close to the holiday season.

"Consumers have to be careful and keep hot foods hot, and cold foods cold. They also have to thoroughly wash fruits and vegetables. We have no reason to believe that green onions are a problem, but if people want to eat them, we suggest they cook them, instead of eating them raw for the time being," Dan Wyant, Dept. of Agriculture.

Meanwhile, the FDA is still trying to find out how the onions became contaminated.