MSU: No Need for Admission Changes Under Prop 2

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The next freshman class at the University of Michigan will be decided without any consideration of their race or gender.

The university announced Wednesday they'll comply with Proposal 2, even while they continue to fight that affirmative action ban in court. U of M had suspended admissions while that legal battle played out. They say now they cannot wait any longer.

Wayne State University--also a defendant in that legal action--says they too are working to find ways to comply. Michigan State University says they don't need to make changes in admission. VP for University Relations Terry Denbow says the process is already in compliance.

"All factors related to an individual, including race, are part of the assessment, but no factor is given weight or added advantage," Denbow says.

That's true now, he says, but it was also true before Prop 2 passed in November.

Meantime, MSU continues to analyze and fix more subtle violations of Prop 2. Financial aid is among those departments that will likely be effected when new policies are in place next year. Already this year, there is the newly minted Office for Inclusion, a re-worked and re-named version of the old Office of Affirmative Action.

Denbow stresses however, "No Proposal 2, no court, no anybody can change institutional values promolgated over decades, centuries. We have a commitment to access, to inclusion, to diversity. That doesn't change."