Some Hope Bush's Decision Won't Extend Tours

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Jessica Santiago doesn't want to see her husband Victor fighting in Iraq any longer than he's scheduled to do so.

"That would make me go crazy," she said. "I don't think i could handle it. It would be more stressful."

Victor has been in Iraq since October, just months after the couple married. His deployment is for one year, but with 20 thousand more troops be sent to battle, his stay could be extended.

"He's not going to be home for another 9 or 10 months," Jessica said. "Thinking about his deployment being extended or what will happen to him or what they'll make him do. It just worries me a lot."

Jessica says she supports her husband's decision to defend the country, but that doesn't stop her from worrying. She disagrees with Mr. Bush's decision.

"I really don't think we need all of these troops over there."

But some local veterans disagree. They say they'll support any plan that will lead to victory.
If this is going to help us get the job done then i say go for it," said Vietnam veteran Larry Van Ostran. "I think the important thing is that we be supportive of the troops."

What is yet to be seen is how many more Michigan soldiers may be sent to the middle east.