Medical Breakthroughs: Hot Flash Lingerie

For millions of women one of the tell tale signs of menopause comes at night. Night sweats leaves many women wringing wet and sleepless. Those are the very symptoms that prompted a California woman to design a new line of sleep wear.

A 48-year-old California woman and her doctor thought of an idea for women who have hot flashes and hate waking up in the middle of the night. They thought of using athletic wear to make sleep wear. So the duo created Coolz's, the first sleep wear designed to tackle night sweats for menopausal women.

It's great for women who not just suffer from hot flashes but also women who live in humid climates, women who are pregnant, and for women who just get hot at night.

Coolz's comes in a variety of styles and sizes. For more about the design of the sleep wear or to look at the styles online go to