Medical Breakthroughs: Juice Fasting

A juicy new diet trend may leave people starving for long term results, but advocates say it's a quick way to rejuvenate shed a few pounds and have more energy than you know what to do with. That's after you get over the initial hunger pangs.

Juice fasting seems to be surging in popularity. The new age health spa in Neversink New York which has a group fasting program says its fasting clientele has about doubled in the last two years. Clients fast for three days with fresh fruit and vegetable juice and potassium supplements... All in the name of detoxifying and cleansing the body and quickly shedding a few pounds.

A nutritionist who helps clients fast with juice says removing the burden of digestion allows the body to heal and cleanse itself, but says it's pointless if not part of a long term healthy eating program and it's not for everyone.

One doctor says juice fasting for less than a week is probably safe but not particularly useful, a juice fast will provide inadequate number of calories, protein, and nutrients.

Fasters say the first and second day are rough with hunger pangs and low energy, but say they had a rush of energy on the third and fourth day. Fasting proponents say that's a sign your body is healing, but doctors say there's no credible medical evidence that your body is in fact healing. They say it's common for people to feel a rush on a low-calorie diet because your body is producing adrenaline to help burn the fat.

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