LCC to Develop Alternative Energy

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Lansing Community College will receive one million dollars from the federal government to develop an alternative energy curriculum. LCC President and U.S. Rep. Mike Rogers announced the plan Monday.

Construction is underway in Delta Township on the Michigan Technical Education Center. MTEC will house the new program starting as soon as fall 2004. The new curriculum will teach students and educators on solar, wind, fuel cell and geothermal technology. The MTEC building itself will have a silver certification, meaning it will use all renewable energy sources. Cunningham says this will save 40-60% on operation costs.

Geothermal heating and cooling, computer fields, and the auto industry are among the fields students will go on to work in. Experts say employers are desperate for trained employees. Both Cunningham and Rogers say the program will bring economic development not just to LCC, but to all of Michigan.