Drownings Lead to Awareness

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Eleven-year-old Matthwe Scott of Eaton County died Saturday while swimming with a friend in the Grand River.

This jus two days after a 13-year-old was rescued from Lake Lansing and a 69-year-old woman was saved from a lake in Jackson County.

Sergeant Jose Estrada of the Ingham County Sheriff's Department's Parks Division says there are certain things to remember when swimming in natural waters.

Sgt. Estrada says never swim alone, that way if there is trouble, someone can always go to get help.

Also, he stresses for parents to be aware of there children at all times, not allowing them to stray off.

And most importantly, if you are going to swim, stay away from unfamiliar waters or unfamiliar areas. They can contain unseen dangers, such as undergrowth or sink holes.