Deer Season in Mid-Michigan

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As the first weekend of firearm deer season draws to a close here in Mid-Michigan, hunters and the Department of Natural Resources both say the deer herd looks healthy.
Many hunters took the opportunity Sunday to display their large bucks at a buck pole in Lansing. Hunters say the buck pole has been a tradition in Northern Michigan for years and is slowy gaining popularity down state. Hunters bring their bucks to compare to others in size and rack.
The DNR is also collecting information on deer. Over the weekend the DNR inspcted more than 8,000 deer at check stations around the state. The department is collecting information on age, size, and location. At the end of the season the information is compiled to keep track of the deer herd. This year's herd is estimated to be 1.8 million strong, which is a little large. The DNR expects hunters to gather 480,000 deer during the season, which ends November 30th.