A Sister's Sacrifice

A look at a woman who is carrying her sister's twin babies to term.

Kelly and Bert Newton were trying to have the children Kelly always wanted... but in a devastating turn of events, Kelly was diagnosed with invasive cervical cancer and had to undergo a radical hysterectomy instead.

Kelly's sister Cherie knew what she could do to help her sister realize her dreams of a family: act as Kelly & Burt's gestational carrier.

Since doctors were able to save Kelly's ovaries, some of her eggs were retrieved, fertilized by Bert and later; two embryos were implanted in Cherie to develop.
Despite the long shot, both embryos were viable and now Cherie is carrying both a son and daughter for her sister.

When asked about being attached to the babies, sister Cherie replied: "They're not my babies. They're not from my eggs. They are my sister's. I'm just carrying them for her, and that's it. I love them. I have a strong love for them. But they're not my children."

The children, Kelcey Grace and Bertram Parker were born healthy and the family bonds between sisters Kelly and Cherie is as strong as ever.