Common Ground Starts Tuesday

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It's only a couple days away. Common Ground, the six-day music festival in downtown Lansing, will feature several singers and bands including Earth, Wind and Fire, Journey, and the Calling.

Construction workers have been building sound stages and rides since the Fourth of July. They say they've been putting in 12-hour days to make sure everything is built by the time the festival begins.

Workers spent all day Sunday constructing the Ferris wheel. It will stand 90 feet tall, and it has 20,000 lights. Darrell Desgranges, the site manager, said it would take 40 man-hours to get the Ferris wheel up and running. On Monday, inspectors will test the ride to make sure it is safe.

Festival producers said this year's events would include more than just music. Rock climbing, magicians and an arts and craft fair might entertain the whole family, they said.

Last year, festival producers lost $30,000. This is the festival's third year, and event coordinators are hoping to turn a profit.