Budget Cutting Options

Gov. Jennifer Granholm wrapped up her two week long budget tour Thursday night with a town hall meeting at the Romney Building in downtown Lansing.

She's been as far away as Marquette and she has traveled to all the major media markets throughout Michigan, asking a selected audience of community leaders one central question, How would you balance the budget?

Some major impressions were confirmed in last night’s final session held at the Romney Building in downtown Lansing. Citizens say they would eliminate the MEAP scholarships, a pet GOP program that would halt the 6th grade laptop computer giveaway.

The governor agreed to these GOP programs in return for GOP support for $50 million in state aide to the Detroit Medical Center. The GOP Chair of the Appropriations Committee was in the audience; she wanted to look at money in rainy day funds at MSU, in K-12 schools and in cities.

The Governor who's been non-committal in every town hall meeting stayed with that mode in Lansing. Now that the town hall talk is over, lawmakers in the state and that $920 million deficit are all waiting for her solutions.