Chemotherapy During Pregnancy

Case study of a woman and her unborn baby boy who went through chemo together.
Usually, when a pregnant woman finds she has cancer, she must terminate the pregnancy due to chemotherapy.

Stephanie Robinson discovered a cancerous lump in her breast in her 6th month of pregnancy. She had surgery to remove the tumor; her doctor told her she may not live if she waited until she had her baby to start chemotherapy.

Her doctor, Dr. Fazal Bari, informed her that most drugs used in breast cancer chemotherapy--adriamycin, cytoxan--have been examined extensively during pregnancy.

Bari claims that most of those drugs used in the second trimester onwards are safe. He has said a group of children followed/monitored into their early 20s have not shown long-term ill effects.

Stephanie expressed concern about Alex's well-being in the future, citing concerns about his reproductive health. She underwent radiation after Alex was born.

Breast is the most common pregnancy cancer, striking once in every 3,000 pregnancies.