Home-Based Health Care

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Hundreds of seniors, people with disabilities and their caretakers took to the steps of the capitol to protest a possible $17-million cut to the Home Help Program.

Home Help provides assistance to about 50,000 seniors and people with disabilities, allowing them to get the necessary health care they need at home and not at a nursing home.

If the cuts go through, those people may have to find other types of health care; ones that they claim are more expensive like nursing homes. They also claim they eliminate the choice of living independently.

Proponents of home-based health care say it costs $46 per day to care for someone at home, while it costs $110 to care for someone in a nursing home. Since lawmakers are looking for ways to recover from a budget deficit, the governor's office says this is still an issue on the table.

The governor's office will hear public opinion until Oct. 26 and should make a decision on the program's cuts by November.