5 Things to Know About Farm Bill in Mich.

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EAST LANSING, Mich. (AP) -- Michigan showed its agricultural mojo this month when President Barack Obama signed the federal farm bill at Michigan State University.
The state stands to significantly benefit from the nearly $100 billion-a-year law. One beneficiary: the East Lansing university for research in biofuels and more.
The law also helps specialty crop researchers and growers in a state that ranks second in the nation for crop diversity. The law extends insurance to specialty growers and increases research funding related to many crops.
Michigan's large dairy industry has praised protections aimed at preventing drastic price swings. Great Lakes conservation efforts also stand to gain from increased funding for high priorities.
A U.S. senator from Michigan played a crucial role in the bill: Democrat Debbie Stabenow helped broker legislative compromises after years of setbacks.