5 Michigan Farmers Invited to Watch President Sign Farm Bill

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It's not every day the President of the United States comes to your state to sign a piece of legislation. So it's no wonder there's a lot of excitement brewing in East Lansing.

President Barack Obama arrives Friday afternoon for a quick stop to sign the massive Farm Bill on campus. But details are sketchy on how many people, and who will be inside the MSU Horse Arena, when the event takes place.

Ryan Findlay, National Legislative Council for the Farm Bureau of Michigan says, “I keep hearing that we could be as small as 250 people in attendance as high as 400 people. I think that there are a lot of question marks around that." Findlay says the White House reached out to the Farm Bureau, to include five Michigan farmers. They’ll come from as far as Traverse City, to watch the historic bill signing. Steve Tennes from Country Mill in Charlotte is among the farmers on the small guest list.

Findlay says, “We tried to grab from a geographically diverse area around Michigan and we invited them to come in. They are people that hire migrants on their farm. They're ready for a discussion with the President on Immigration Reform if that opportunity comes up."

He adds, “I was told that there's going to be a lot of Michigan State students there and I've been told that the VIP list is relatively short, but that one surprises me." No one will be surprised to see Senator Debbie Stabenow at the event. As Chair of the Senate Agriculture Committee, she worked tirelessly on the $1 Trillion bill. Findlay says, “She stayed behind it. She stayed behind Michigan farmers, and that's really important for the agricultural community. But I think people need to recognize this just doesn't happen in a week or two, it was a 3 year process and the Senator was there the whole time."