Lifeguards Could Come Back to Lake Lansing

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Mohammed Sohaib Fida was in critical condition Friday night after he nearly drowned at Lake Lansing Thursday. Fida, 13, is from Canada. He was visiting family in Lansing when he lost consciousness under water Thursday afternoon. On Friday, nurses took him off the respirator, and he is breathing on his own.

Ingham County commissioners held phone conversations on Friday to discuss the recent elimination of lifeguards at Lake Lansing. They voted to remove the guards from the lake in order to compensate for budget cuts. They say they will do everything they can to make sure this tragedy doesn't happen again, and they will bring back the lifeguards even if they have to charge a fee to people who want to visit the park.

Ingham County Commissioner, Curtis Hertel Jr., said he has already started the recruiting process for lifeguards. He said he is even accepting lifeguard applications at his home.

Meanwhile, Willis Bennett, a representative for Ingham County parks, said it could take more than four weeks to find, hire and train new lifeguards. He said the summer swimming season ends just after Labor Day.