Lansing Begins Superintendent Contract Negotiations

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"I did not anticipate walking out with a contract," Dr. T.C. Wallace said after the first negotiations meeting in Lansing Friday.

But what he does anticipate is a short, smooth and successful negotiation.

"As anticipated, I felt we'd be off to a good start. I wasn't disappointed. Everything is on the table," he said.

School Board Vice President Hugh Clarke echoed Wallace's feelings.

"I don't expect this to be a long, drawn out process," Clarke said.

Clarke and the rest of the school board subcommittee will now take Wallace's demands back to the full board for discussion.

"We'll see if we can't meet in the next week or two to discuss his proposals and come back with counter proposals," he said.

Before the meeting, Wallace spoke of his experiences but focused on the future, putting Lansing's children in the foreground of his lesson plan and he says the overall community response so far has inspired him.

"It kind of extends my passion, this opportunity to continue the good work that's been done here in Lansing," Wallace said.

But before work can be continued, the contract must be in place. Clarke can't discuss the details of the contract but does say the posted $180,000 salary is one item up for debating.

"The first session went great," Clarke said. "I assume after two or three more sessions, we'll have a contract."

"I'm even more enthused because it went very smooth," said Wallace.

If all goes well, both parties hope to have a contract signed in January.