Campaign Asking Questions

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The city of Lansing is less than one month away from the General Election for the seat of Mayor. But the campaign of Lansing Mayor Tony Benavides is asking questions.

The mayor's campaign manager says Lansing voters want to know if his opponent State Senator Virg Bernero is a Democrat or Republican.

To drive home the point, the mayor's campaign has made a life size cut out of the senator with former Governor John Engler and his former press secretary John Truscott, both Republicans.

Benavides' campaign manager questions if Bernero hangs out with Republicans does that mean it will influence his ideals and policies if he makes it to the mayor's seat.

Bernero says he is a Democrat, but describes his campaign as inclusive, adding it seems like the Benavides camp is grasping for straws. Bernero says in order for the city to move forward, there has to be a broad based coalition.