Body Found in Furnace Vent

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Police say 17-year-old Dennis Gibbons was trying to break into the Prestige Cleaners Sunday night on Waverly in Lansing when he got trapped in a furnace vent. His body was found Tuesday by a furnace repairman.

Family members say they thought the teen was getting his life back together after getting in trouble with the law for previous roof break-ins. They say the drop-out had planned to return to school this week. Instead, he made a horrible decision that cost him his life.

"I want people to know, even though he made mistakes, and at times hurt people, he really was a good kid," says his uncle, Mark Gibbons. He says he hopes other troubled teens learn from this tragedy, and ask for help if they are in trouble with the wrong crowd.

Meanwhile police are investigating whether Dennis Gibbons had any involvement in other recent break-ins. Plus, they say it is possible others were involved in the robberies. They're asking anyone who can help them with the investigation to call police.