Board Votes to Offer Contract to T.C. Wallace

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Though it was a choice made easier in that there was just one candidate on the list, it was a choice nonetheless for the Lansing School Board.

A 10-month process culminated last week in a visit to Dr. Wallace's Mt. Clemens' district where board members where impressed with his patient leadership and the enthusiasm for education in a district where many said they'd be sad to see him go.

"He puts kids first....and that resounded, resonated, in the interviews and on the in-site visit.

The one black mark on the superintendent search process was finalist James Coolican's decision to withdraw from consideration, and it still has one member concerned.

"I just feel like we're rushing into this thing," Amy Hodgin told the board.

Wallace must prove he can transition from leadership of a 2,500 student district to one with 15,000. The eight "aye" votes on the board each said they have no doubt.

"Dr. Wallace is a visionary leader, and he's showed us that at every step of the process," said Dan Voss.

We spoke with Dr. Wallace by phone today. He's anxious to get contract negotiations underway and get to work.

That contract will likely pay him approximately $175,000.

Dr. E. Sharon Banks will finish out the school year.