Jury Begins Deliberations

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The jury in the Susan Swanson case is deliberating a verdict after nearly three weeks of trial.

Swanson is accused of alcohol-impaired driving and killing a man alongside Grand River Avenue by hitting him with her car July 31, 2002.

During closing arguments, the prosecuting attorney urged the jury to pay attention to Swanson's demeanor during the trial. He called her cold and un-phased by the accident that killed Alejandro Salinas.

The jury listened to more than an hour of closing arguments from both the prosecuting and defense attorneys. The jury is trying to determine whether or not Swanson was impaired when she was operating her vehicle that crashed into Salinas and killed him. They are also deliberating whether or not she left the scene of the deadly accident knowing she had struck and killed a human being.

Swanson's attorney says she had no reason to believe a human would be walking on or alongside Grand River Avenue the night Swanson struck Salinas. He says there is no evidence indicating she knowingly fled the scene of a deadly accident. He says although she was drinking at the Harrison Roadhouse earlier that night, she was not impaired when she was driving.

Meanwhile, Salinas' family members say they are looking for closure.