Warrant to be Issued

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Authorities are facing a deadline to charge Jeffrey Scott Husband or they could be forced to release the alleged murderer.

"We have 24 hours to get him arraigned on charges," Ingham County Sheriff Gene Wriggelsworth said. "If we don't have charges he can get an attorney to file a writ and get him out of here."

And the clock is ticking. Wriggelsworth doesn't expect Husband to be charged with murder on Monday, but says there are other ways to keep him in custody.

"We'll issue a capeus warrant which is a criminal warrant that will hold him as a material witness to a crime.,"he said. "We can do that legally and we will do that until we can get him arraigned on whatever charges we can present."

Husband is the prime and only suspect in the murder of his 18 year old girlfriend Vanessa Kay Pruitt. He turned himself into the Sheriff's Office on Sunday ending a two day manhunt.

Authorities believe Husband shot Pruitt and her sister Latisha Cole at Pruitt's apartment in Delhi Township. Cole is expected to recover from minor injuries.

Wriggelsworth and his staff have been gathering evidence since Friday and will turn it over to the prosecutor's office on Monday. A murder charge will then most likely be filed.

"I expect that the prosecutor's office will issue a homicide related charge," he said "Exactly what that is will be determined by them."