Byrum's Final Days

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She came in as a representative in 1991. One of her first pieces of legislation is one she most proud of. It stiffened stalker laws in Michigan, making them the most strict in the country.

After four years, she moved to the state senate. But, Byrum says she preferred the house... and that's where she returned to after term limits went into effect.

She says she's leaving at the top of her game. Byrum points out this November's elections where she was able to tell the re-elected Governor Granholm that the state House of Representatives had been delivered back into democratic hands for the first time in a decade.

Byrum isn't saying exactly what she'll be doing next... but, she's sure it won't be another run for the US House. She ran and lost in 2000 in an incredibly close race to current seat-holder Mike Rogers.

Byrum says she will stay in Michigan and continue to serve... just outside the capital dome instead of underneath it.