Schools Question Lap-tops for 6th Graders

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Local school districts say they might not be able to implement the state of Michigan's plan to provide every sixth grader in the state with a lap-top computer. Administrators are asking where the money will come from to pay for technical support and training on the new technology.

Lansing Public Schools say it will cost the district $35,000 up front to get the the district didn't budget for. But on top of that, they say they couldn't support the 1,400 computers without hiring additional staff. The district currently employs 16 technicians to service their 5,000 computers. And they say they just don't have the man power to take on the lap-tops at this point.

Many districts in the area say they are looking at the $39 million plan and asking questions. They say the state hasn't answered important logistical questions about the plan. Some districts say they won't be able to participate until some of these questions are answered.

The money for the computers is available through the Freedom to Learn grant. Computers are expected to be available in January.