Noise Ordinance Quiets Homecoming

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Area police and Michigan State University students say this has been a quiet Homecoming weekend, and some are saying that could be because of the new city noise ordinance.

East Lansing police say Homecoming weekend at MSU is usually on of the department's busiest. But this year, police report it was relatively quiet. They say it was no busier than any other home football game weekend.

Students in East Lansing say that's because the city has put strict penalties on house parties. Last month, a new expanded noise ordinance went into effect. Noise violations can now be misdemeanors, instead of civil infractions. Those violating noise rules could face several days in jail and up to a $1,000 fine.

Students and residents say there is a noticeable difference in the volume around town. Some local businesses catering to the party crowd, selling kegs and alcohol, say their business has dropped off up to 80-percent.

Students who are unhappy about the ordinance are circulating a petition to bring the noise ordinance to a city-wide vote. They say they have about half the necessary signatures.