Christmas Tree Fire Dangers

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The Christmas tree: It's a holiday tradition in many homes. However, it's a tradition that in too many cases can be dangerous.

"We see an increase in fires this time of year, mostly due to electrical problems with Christmas tree lights and lights outside homes," says Lansing Fire Department Lt. Maggie Murphy.

To prevent such fires, the Lansing Fire Department put on a demonstration in a makeshift living room. They lit a tree on fire to show how quickly it could be engulfed in flames. It took about 20 seconds.

Here's how you can protect yourself.

One, keep your tree watered. Firefighters say a wet tree is a safe tree.

Two, inspect your electric decorations for problems, and don't use them if they're worn.

Three, if you're out of the room turn off your tree lights.

And last but not least, don't combine different types of lights.

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