Susan Swanson Takes the Stand

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Susan Swanson says she never saw what hit her windshield during the wee hours of July 31, 2002. Swanson testified Friday she thought she hit a construction barrel or a deer when she was driving home from Harrison Roadhouse last year.

Prosecutors allege Swanson was driving under the influence of alcohol when she struck Alejandro Salinas, 40, with her car while he was walking along Grand River Avenue in Meridian Township.

Swanson testified she had a vodka tonic a few hours before she went to the Harrison Roadhouse bar on July 30, 2002. She testified she sipped on three vodka tonics during the several hours she was at the bar. Swanson claimed she was not drunk during her drive home.

Prosecutors are also charging Swanson with negligent homicide and leaving the scene of a serious accident.

Attorneys say they believe the trial will wrap up next week, and the jury will begin deliberations.