Flu Shots

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It's almost flu season 2003, and local health experts say your best defense is an influenza vaccine. Health officials predict this will be a significant flu season. Immunization season begins on Oct. 1, exactly two months before the start of flu season.

Health experts say now is the best time to get vaccinated and this year you have the choice of an injection, or a nasal spray. The influenza vaccine is recommended to: those over the age of 50; residents in adult care or nursing homes, those with a chronic illness, women in their second or third trimester of pregnancy, those working in a health setting, or other healthy individuals over six months old.

Hopefully if all these people get vaccinated, the number of flu cases won't continue to rise. A vaccine is not recommended for anyone with a known allergy to eggs or egg products, or anyone who's had a severe reaction to the vaccine before. Health experts also remind people there is no way the vaccine can give you the flu, it may cause flu-like side effects that should go away in a few days.