Fresh Mex

This time they're targeting the so-called "fresh mex grills", places like Chipotle and Baja Fresh that promote speedy service and fresh ingredients at bargain prices, but according to a consumer group, while the fresh fare won't pinch your pocketbook, it may stretch your waistline.

Before you bite into another burrito, the center for science in the public interest wants you to know what's hiding inside that fresh-mex tortilla, and it's more than grilled meat and fresh veggies.

Across the board, CSPI says their nutrition investigation found the burrito is by far the biggest health bomb on the fresh-mex menu.

Cutting out the extras like sour cream and cheese can help, so can eliminating the tortilla or cutting your burrito in half. While it's doubtful the fresh-mex fat facts will stop food lovers from flocking to the popular chains, it does provide food for thought.

Many of the fresh-mex chains offer entrees like the burrito as a bowl, without the tortilla, which cuts off more than 300 calories. Stay away from the combo meals, which often pack in more than a thousand calories, more than double that in sodium and close to 20 grams of fat.