Fetal Photos

A mother and father get the first glimpse of their child, but many women want more time to see their baby and see it in 3D. A company called Fetal Foto is allowing new mothers to do just that, but some doctors have concerns.

Fetal Foto allows parents to have time to watch the baby, see what the baby is doing, see mannerisms and behaviors and then they take that little piece of time with them home.

What you take home depends on home much you spend. A typical package includes a ten-minute ultrasound video set to music along with two and three-dimensional images of your baby. While they do check the baby's heartbeat and position in the womb, this is not a medical procedure.

Fetal Foto notifies the customer's doctor before they agree to do an ultrasound, and if they pick up anything unusual, they refer them back to their doctor for further examination. Even so, some OB-GYN's don't want this technology used for entertainment purposes.

There are currently fifteen Fetal Foto locations across the country. For more information head to www.fetalfotousa.com.