U.A.W. Local 652 Finalizes GM Contracts

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The ratification of the work contracts secures the futures for both parts of GM operations as well as about 6,500 workers.

Jim Doolittle, Vice President of U.A.W. Local 652 said union members approved both the national and local contracts by about a 90 percent yes vote.

The contracts are valid for four years, 652 is the first of the four Lasing-based U.A.W. unions to ratify the GM/ U.A.W. contracts.

While the local has secured its contract with GM, other unions around the county are proceeding to secure their own contract agreements both nationally and locally.

Chris "Tiny" Sherwood, President U.A.W. Local 652, says the agreement may be a blueprint for other locals within the area.

The contract was voted on two separate areas, national and local agreements. National concerns include issues like wages and benefits. Local issues are plant specific and include concerns like quality of life and safety factors within the various plants.

Local 652 oversees plants such as The Lansing Grand River Assembly Plant and The Lansing Car Assembly Plant.