Superintendent Candidate Withdraws

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School board members say they were surprised that Jim Coolican withdrew from the Lansing School Superintendent race.

"I would have hoped he would have stayed in the running at this point as we start to plan site visits but that was his decision," said board vice president Hugh Clarke.

That leaves the board with just one candidate, Dr. T.C. Wallace, the current superintendent in Mount Clemens, Michigan. But Clarke says the process is far from over.

"Just because Mr. Coolican has withdrawn doesn't automatically mean that we hand this position to Dr. Wallace."

Coolican said it wasn't the right fit for him. He said he didn't feel he and the board had the same plans for the district.

"Things don't change quickly in schools so when you start doing things, it's based upon a long-term plan," he said. "You have to have compatibility and understanding. I just didn't feel that the board and I were kind of in that position."

The board is planning a trip to visit Wallace at Mount Clemens before making a decision.

Clarke said if they choose not to hire Wallace they will expand their search.