Webberville Remembers Fallen Soldier

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Army Staff Sergeant Greg McCoy was just 26 years old and had a bright future ahead of him with his wife and two sons.

But an explosive device detonated near his vehicle last month in Iraq, killing him instantly.

"He didn't become a hero when he died," his wife Lori said. "He already was one."

McCoy grew up in Webberville and graduated from Webberville High School in 1998. His parents said he knew what he wanted to do ever since he was a little kid.

"It's so nice to know that your son was doing something he wanted to do," his father Timothy McCoy said. "There's so many people that go through life that never have that opportunity. He had his opportunity to do what he wanted to do and he did it well."

His family was proud of his bravery and his commitment to his country. They'll cherish the time they were able to spend with him.

"I'm going to remember the fun little times, the crazy things he did sometimes," his mother Carol Johnson said. "He was there for a lot of people and we're going to miss him."

McCoy enlisted in the Army immediately after graduation from high school. He was killed five months into his second deployment in Iraq.