Michigan Ave Reopens Just in Time for Holidays

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It all began on April first of this year. The city of Lansing tackled a massive construction project on Michigan Avenue to upgrade water, sewer, and gas lines.

The project caused delays for motorists as most of the street was ripped apart. But now, traffic is flowing normally again, across all four lanes.

"We are opening up Michigan Avenue to traffic after 8 months of challenging construction activity," said Lansing Public Service Director Chad Gamble.

The challenges weren't just in the construction, but for local business owners who struggled to find customers. Orange barrels and construction vehicles made it difficult to access shops and restaurants, even by foot. It's a problem some business owners say cost them a lot of money.

"Anytime you have something of this magnitude that's going on right in front of your business for 8 months, it's going to take a toll," said Cindy Jubeck, co-owner of Clara's restaurant.

Perhaps no Michigan Avenue business was hit harder than Clara's. The restaurant lost 50 percent of it's customers over the period.

"I'm hoping now that the road is supposedly completed, things will start to pick up again," Jubeck said.

How long that will take is yet top be seen. Some owners predict weeks while others anticipate months. They say they've been patient during the construction and they'll continue to be patient, waiting for the customers to return.