Potterville Employees Lose Pay

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Potterville Deputy Treasurer Donna Hannahs is picking up what could be her last paycheck for a while Friday.

"We're no longer getting paid," she told News 10.

The deputy treasurer and the treasurer have been on paid leave for about a month. The paid part is about to end.

"We're losing everything because we came forward with the truth and what is right," Hannahs claims.

She calls it retaliation in light of the pair's reporting of concerns about money management at City Hall to the state police.

The two sued the city after their initial placement on paid leave. Their attorney, Denise LaFave Smith, calls the loss of pay a further violation of the Whistleblower Protection Act. (LaFave Smith will be holding another community meeting on the topic Sunday at 5 p.m.)

"Why would anybody come forward then?" she said.

The city attorney tells us the Potterville City Council decided the city just can't afford to pay those on leave.

"The cost may be upwards of $30,000," Tom Hitch said.

Hannahs says she understands the cost issue. She says just wants to get back to work to do her job instead of the city paying someone else to do it.

So why can't she?

"There's still auditors coming in and out," Hitch said.

He says the council believes both the accusers and the accused in the investigation should stay away. Although Hitch says she's not being punished, Hannahs claims the council is trying to keep her quiet.

"I'm not backing down. Things were wrong there," Hannahs said.

That determination will come from the ongoing state police investigation.

Until then, Donna Hannahs likely won't be spending much time at City Hall.