Teen Text Messaging

Text messaging is spoiling teenager's sleep. That's the headline on an article published in a British medical journal.

An annoyance for teachers, for sure, but a study of 2,500 teens showed perhaps a bigger problem.

Belgian researchers found more than 40-percent of 16-year-olds in their study had their sleep compromised by late night text messaging.

Of those, more than 20-percent awoke to a late night text message between one and three times a month...almost 11-percent woke up to a message at least once a week, almost 9-percent awoke to one several times a week, and almost three-percent got up to one every single night.

So is a study from Belgium really relevant here? You bet it is!

Explain to you teen why they should turn it off when its time to turn in. Teens who get enough uninterrupted sleep tend to do better both in school and socially.