Young Boy Saves Lives

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A Lansing boy is credited with saving his and his brother's life.

A fire swept through their Karen St. home around seven a.m. Thursday morning. The two boys were home alone, waiting for their baby sitter.

Dakari Greer, eight, saw the smoke and flames and woke up his seven-year-old brother Trayveon. Dakari knew not to try and escape through the front door so he climbed out their bedroom window. Trayveon tried too, but he couldn't lift himself out.

Dakari got his neighbor, Kacey Younglove, and she helped his brother out of the house. Dakari says he knew what to do because it's what firefighters from the Lansing Fire Department told him to do when they visited his school earlier this year.

The fire started on the stove and a spokesperson for the Lansing Fire Department says it was accidental.