Cold Season

The CDC says a good way to prevent the spread of the flu is by covering your nose when you cough or sneeze. Health officials say when people use proper "respiratory etiquette," less people get infected.

Also, frequent hand washing is another good way to prevent the germs from spreading. Extended Web Coverage

What is it?

  • A cold is a viral infection.

  • It is caused by viruses known as rhinoviruses

  • The rhinovirus is a microscopic organism which invades the mucus cells of the nose.

  • As viruses are essentially genetic, this entails that they can also mutate.

  • There are now about 250 known rhinoviruses in the community, which means that there are about 250 colds flying around out there for you to catch.

What are the current treatments?

  • From the early warning of the wet runny nose phase, immediate isolation must be sought.

  • All you can do is stock up on medicines that will only alleviate the symptoms caused by the irrevocable army of viral invasion.

  • Frequent hand washing is also an essential part of combating the contracting of cold viruses.

Source: (Common Cold Web Site)