Armed Robbery Suspects in East Lansing

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Two separate gunmen held up two Michigan State University women Sunday night. Each man demanded the woman's purse or belongings and then fled the scene.

Police say they believe the two gunmen might have been working together because the two incidents happened within twenty minutes of each other, and both robbery victims gave similar descriptions of a suspect.

Investigators say a thin, black man in his twenties held up a woman while she was walking her dog at the Homestead apartment complex on Lake Lansing Road just after 11:00 p.m. They say he pointed a gun at the college student and demanded her belongings. Police say the man, who has thick dreadlocks, got away in a light blue station wagon with a luggage rack. Police say a thin, white man in his twenties may have been behind the wheel.

Less than twenty minutes later, police say a thin, white man fitting a similar description to the man in the get away car, robbed a sorority student in a Harrison Road parking lot.

Witnesses say the gunman demanded the woman's purse in an abandoned fraternity's parking lot across the street from her sorority house on Harrison Road.

Anyone with information should contact the East Lansing police.