E. Coli Bacteria in Red Cedar River

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E. Coli bacteria levels in the Red Cedar River have failed to meet county health standards in over a week, and experts say they expect those levels to rise even further this week.

Environmental Health Director Bob Godbold says manure and other waste materials likely washed into the river during heavy rain Monday. Rain is often a reason harmful E. Coli levels rise. Water samples were taken from several locations on the river. Results from those tests will be available Thursday, but Godbold says he expects more bacteria in

Residents are encouraged to avoid any contact with the river until the levels decrease. And that doesn't just mean no swimming. Officials say people shouldn't fish or canoe on the river either.

E. Coli levels have been low in the river for the majority of the summer. Godbold says he expects the levels to return to a safe standard after a period of dry weather.