Staph Infections

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The Michigan Department of Community Health has confirmed that a 40-year-old Michigan resident with a staph infection is showing resistance to Vancomycin, the drug commonly used to treat it.

"Although this strain of staph infection has developed resistance to a patient here in Michigan, we don't believe there's a spread of this resistant strain, " Dr. David Johnson, MI Dept. of Community Health.

The Dept. of Community Health says there are other effective treatments for staph infections, so this shouldn't cause panic among the general population. What it should do is reinforce strict precautions to avoid overuse of antibiotics.

"This should spread the message to patients not to demand an antibiotic from your doctor every time you get sick. If your doctor doesn't prescribe one, it probably means you don't need it." Geralyn Lasher, MI Dept. of Community Health.

Meanwhile, the patient is being treated at an undisclosed location and is reportedly responding well to alternative medications.

When prescribed, antibiotics should always be taken in their entirety when prescribed. To protect from infections, people should frequently and thoroughly wash their hands, but stay away from antibacterial soaps and lotions. Even though they don't contain the same antibiotics in medications, it may cause some kind of bacterial resistance.