An Eaton Rapids Man is Cashing in on PlayStation 3

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If you're looking for a PlayStation 3 this holiday season, you may want to contact Mike Verleger. He's done something many across the globe haven't been able to do, get his hands on multiple PlayStation 3 systems.

"There's not that many," he said. "If you consider all the kids that want one and all the nerds that want one, there's just not a whole bunch to go around."

But he'll sell more than a dozen and his rate is steep. The PS3 retails between $500 and $600, but Verleger's rate is nearly three times that at $1700 each.

"I'll get as many as I can and sell them to as many people as I can," he added. "I won't even keep one for myself."

Verleger purchased a news truck last year with the profits he made from selling XBOX 360. This year he has loftier goals.

"I'm looking to have enough to put a down payment on a house."

He said he plans to also donate 10 percent of the profits to Habitat for Humanity while using the rest to pay for tuition at LCC.