Black Friday Hoopla

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Most people are still drowsy from the turkey Thursday night. But the shoppers outside Target in south Lansing? Their alarms were set early... or not at all.

"I've been awake all night," says Lee Conklin of Haslett. "I got out of work last night at 11:30 and just stayed awake until 3:28, then pants on and I ran!"

Shoppers lined up halfway down the strip mall, hoping to nab plasma TVs, DVD players and clothes for their children. And even before the sun made its first appearance, some shoppers had already taken a "tour" of the Lansing shopping scene.

"We've been to three [stores] and we'll probably hit up at least five or six more. But not by my wanting!" claims Kory Christensen, the lone man in a car full of ladies. "I basically go where they want to go. I'm a rookie, but I'm with some veterans."

"Men have opening deer season; this is our season," Conklin laughs.

Target manager Stephanie Coyle urges shoppers to be patient in line today, but also says the staff will do their best to try to substitute items if Target runs out.

And even if you missed that three a.m. wake-up call, don't worry; most stores are extending their hours until 11 p.m. or Midnight.