Shoppers Catch Thanksgiving Bargains

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Forget Black Friday. How about Black Thursday? Lansing area shoppers were out to snatch up some of the hottest deals of the season.

"I've never shopped on Thanksgiving but when I saw some of the things I thought I'd start ahead of time because I don't like to shop tomorrow," said shopper Karen Dods.

While many stores were closed for the holiday, Meijer was open with yellow sale tags on nearly every shelf.

"We've been working very hard to stock the product and get it ready and merchandise it perfectly," said Lansing store manager Tom Gooden. "We're all set to go."

Some of the best bargains will be in the electronics department. Plasma tv's will be on sale and some other sets will be $100 of the normal price. some of the deals are too good to leave the product on the floor.

"Much of the merchandise is out on the floor but a lot we don't bring out until 5 am," added Gooden. 'Sometimes we have to create lines in advance. We bring them out and then people buy them based on the order they were in line."

Speaking of lines, some shoppers were already lined up at best buy across the street since early Thursday afternoon. they're hoping to cash in on discounted televisions and laptop computers.

"They have a limited quantity of items," said James Poma who waited more than 12 hours for deals. "Some they only have three in the whole store so if you're not in line you ain't gonna get it."