National Day of Caring in Lansing

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The Capital Area United Way and the Volunteer Center of Mid-Michigan are sponsoring a two-day volunteer event in Lansing as part of the national Day of Caring. This is the 10th year the organizations have sponsored such an event, but organizers say it's the first year volunteers have actually gone into the homes of those they are helping.

More than 200 volunteers are working to paint and repair 11 homes in Lansing's Baker-Denora Neighborhood. Homeowners were selected based on need. And those involved say they hope the project will inspire others in the area to spruce up their homes.

Volunteers say it's a rewarding experience and a good way to donate time. Recipients of the work, such as Emma Berry, a 31-year resident of Lansing, says it is so helpful, because it's work she wouldn't have been able to do herself. Berry will be 66 in December and she says she just doesn't have the same energy she used to. Volunteers painted her home's foundation and back deck.

Organizers of the event say 200 participants is a great turn out, but the need for volunteers always exists. Those interested in donating time through the Volunteer Center of Mid-Michigan can call 203-5010.