Thursdays Paper Loaded with Holiday Ads

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More than 70 thousand papers will be delivered on Thursday and they could weigh up to 5 pounds. Some shoppers plan to look through all of them.

"It tells me where the good buys are.," said shopper Ann Henricksen. "If there's a really good buy and I'm looking for a leather coat or something that's advertised, I'm more likely to go to that specific store."

Others say the paper is too bulky and consider looking through ads to be a hassle.

"I look at shopping as fun," said shopper Kobra Eghtdry. "I go and if I see a sale and I'm interested I get it. But I don't follow the ads it's too much trouble."

The ads are expected to be more than 400 pages with the paper being twice the size of a normal daily edition.

Shoppers say they plan to hit the stores early Friday morning with ads in hand, hoping to cash in on the deals and make an dent in their holiday shopping.