Lawmakers Want President Bush to Lend Hand to Automakers

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Michigan's Congressional Delegation asked President Bush on Wednesday to follow-up on his recent meeting with Detroit automakers with "vigorous" federal action related to trade, health care costs and other issues.

The state's delegation outlined its concerns in a letter to Bush.

White House Spokesman Alex Conant said the letter had been received, but he did not have immediate comment.

The president met with Detroit's auto industry leaders last week. The business executives said the meeting was productive.

Bush assured leaders of General Motors Corp., Ford Motor Co. and DaimlerChrysler AG's Chrysler Group that he understood they were making "tough choices" to strengthen their companies against stiff competition.

Bush promised continuing dialogue as the U.S. automakers seek help on trade and health care issues.

Michigan's Congressional Delegation reminded Bush that the auto industry accounts for nearly 22 percent of the state's work force.

The bipartisan letter said the delegation hopes the meeting was "the beginning of an ongoing dialogue on the federal issues of importance to this vital sector of the American economy."