American Drug Club

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Congressman Mike Rogers says it's a prescription for disaster when consumers buy medications from stores like the American Drug Club in Lansing.

"Canada has said they cannot guarantee what you get is what your doctor prescribed for you. This is a very unsafe place for anyone walking through these doors," Rogers said.

American Drug Club does not function as a pharmacist but provide a way for patients to get their drugs legally and cheaper from Canada.

"It's vacuum wrapped and sealed. If there is a problem with the drug, there is a toll free number to the company in Canada," Robert Zeineh, President, American Drug Club.

But it's not just the safety of the product that concerns the congressman and some area pharmacists. They say there's virtually no relationship between the doctor, patient and pharmacist.

"I think it's a disservice to the patient. We're accessible and the last communicator with the patient after the doctor, and we can catch any possible mistakes," Diane Miller, pharmacist.

As the FDA continues to investigate the legality and safety of American Drug Club's operations, the store insists they are there to provide a method for area residents to get the medications they need and hope to help more Michigan consumers when they open two more stores in Jackson and Grand Rapids.